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Working Papers - 2012

Edward Green, "Events Concerning Knowledge". Companion Paper, "Embedding an Analytic Equivalence Relation in the Transitive Closure of a Borel Relation"

Sung Jae Jun and Joris Pinkse, "Testing Under Weak Identification with Conditional Moment Restrictions". Published inEconometric Theory, Vol 28, 2012, pp 1-54

Sung Jae Jun and Joris Pinkse, "Discrete Endogenous Variables in Weakly Separable Models". Published inEconometrics Journal, Vol 0, 2012, pp 1-16

Herman J. Bierens and Hosin Song, "Semi-Nonparametric Modeling and Estimation of First-Price Auction Models with Auction-Specific Heterogeneity", published in Journal of Econometrics, Vol 168, 2012, pp 108-119

Herman J. Bierens and Li Wang, "Integrated Conditional Moment Tests for Parametric Conditional Distributions",Econometric Theory, Vol 28, 2012, pp 328-362

Veronica C. Frisancho Robles and Kala Krishna, "Affirmative Action in Higher Education in India: Targeting, Catch Up, and Mismatch", NBER Working Paper No. 17727, January 2012