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Working Papers - 2008

H. J. Bierens and H. Song: "Semi-Nonparametric Estimation of Independently and Identically Repeated First-Price Auctions via an Integrated Simulated Moments Method"

H. J. Bierens and L. Wang: "Integrated Conditional Moment Tests for Parametric Conditional Distributions"

H. J. Bierens and L. Wang: "Integrated Conditional Moment Tests for Parametric Conditional Distributions of Stationary Time Series Processes"

Sandro Brusco, Giuseppe Lopomo, and Leslie M. Marx: "The 'Google Effect' in the FCC's 700 MHz Auction"

Kalyan Chatterjee and Avantika Chowdhury: "Citations and Diffusion of Knowledge: An Economic Analysis"

Svetlana Demidova and Andrés Rodríguez-Clare: "Trade Policy under Firm-level Heterogeneity in a small Economy"

Edward J. Green: "Events Concerning Knowledge" (revised - see paper on 2012 page)

I. Hafalir and V. Krishna: "Revenue and Efficiency Effects of Resale in First-Price Auctions"

Tai-Wei Hu: "Counterfeiting substitute media-of-exchange: a threat to monetary systems"

Sung Jae Jun: "Local Structural Quantile Effects in a Model with a Nonseparable Control Variable"

Sung Jae Jun and Joris Pinkse: "Adding Regressors to Obtain Efficiency," published in Econometric Theory

Sung Jae Jun and Joris Pinkse: "Semiparametric Tests of Conditioanl Moment Restrictions under Weak or Partial Identification," forthcoming in the Journal of Econometrics

Sung Jae Jun and Joris Pinkse: "Testing under Weak Identification with Conditional Moment Restrictions"

Sung Jae Jun, Joris Pinkse, and Yuanyuan Wan: "A Consistent Nonparametric Test of Affiliation in Auction Models"

Tony Lancaster and Sung Jae Jun: "Bayesian Quantile Regression Methods" forthcoming in the Journal of Applied Econometrics

Robert C. Marshall and Leslie M. Marx: "The Vulnerability of Auctions to Bidder Collusion" and "Appendix on Russian Oil and Gas Auctions," forthcoming in the Quarterly Journal of Economics

Andrés Rodríguez-Clare: "Trade, Diffusion and the Gains from Openness"