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Vijay Krishna

Vijay Krishna

Professor of Economics

Curriculum Vitae

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  1. B.S. Delhi University, Ph.D. Princeton University


Fellow of the Econometric Society
Recipient of Numerous Grants from the National Science Foundation 
Editorial Board, Journal of Economic Theory, 2005 to Present
Editorial Board, Games and Economic Behavior, 1996-2005



Bargaining, Auction Design, Collusion, Communication and Information Transmission

Selected Publications:

1. "Dynamic Duopoly: Prices and Quantities," with J.P. Benoit, Review of Economic Studies, 1987,54, 23-35.

2. "Simultaneous Auctions with Synergies," with R. Rosenthal, Games and Economic Behavior, 1996, 17, 1-31.

3. "Multi Object Auctions with Budget Constrained Bidders," with J.P. Benoit, Review of EconomicStudies, 2001, 68, 155-179.

4. Auction Theory, Academic Press, 2002.

5. "Asymmetric English Auctions," Journal of Economic Theory, 2003, 112, 261-288.

6. "Asymmetric Auctions with Resale," with I. Hafalir, American Economic Review (forthcoming, 2007).