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Kalyan Chatterjee

Kalyan Chatterjee

Distinguished Professor of Economics and Management

Curriculum Vitae

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  1. B.S. University of Calcutta, Ph.D. Harvard University


Fellow of the Econometric Society 
Recipient of a Grant from the Luce Foundation, 1998-2003 
Director and Co-Director of a Research Center sponsored by the Hewlett Foundation, 1988-1996


Coalition Formation & Collusion, Bargaining, Auction Design, Research and Development, Networks.

Selected Publications:

1. "Bargaining under Incomplete Information," with W. Samuelson, Operations Research, 1983, 835-851.

2. "A Non-Cooperative Theory of Coalitional Bargaining," with B. Dutta, D. Ray & K. Sengupta, Review of Economic Studies, 1993, 60, 463-477.

3. "Multiperson Bargaining and Strategic Complexity," with H. Sabourian, Econometrica, 2000, 68, 1491-1509.

4. "Rivals Search for Buried Treasure: Competition and Duplication in R&D," with R. Evans, Rand Journal of Economics, 2004, 15, 160-183.

5. "One Auction or Two: Sequential versus Simultaneous Sales," with J. Feng, mimeo.