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James Jordan

James Jordan

Professor of Economics



  1. B.A. Cornell University, Ph.D. Northwestern University


Fellow of the Econometric Society
Associate Editor, Games and Economic Behavior, 1998-2004 
Recipient of Numerous Grants from the National Science Foundation and the Luce Foundation



Property and Power, Takeovers, Managerial Decision Making.

Selected Publications:

1. "The Competitive Allocation Process is Informationally Efficient Uniquely," Journal of EconomicTheory, 1982, 28, 1-18.

2. "On the Efficient Markets Hypothesis," Econometrica, 1983, 51, 1325-1343.

3. "Bayesian Learning in Normal Form Games," Games and Economic Behavior, 1991, 3, 60-81.

4. "The Intrinsic Dynamics of Economic Equilibirum Concepts," in The Economics of Informational Decentralization: Complexity, Efficiency and Stability, J. Ledyard, ed., Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1995.

5. "Pillage and Property," Journal of Economic Theory, 2006, 131, 26-44