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Barry W Ickes

Barry  W Ickes

Professor of Economics

Curriculum Vitae

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  1. B.A. University of California Los Angeles, Ph.D. University of California Berkeley


President of the Association for Comparative Economics, 2004
Leading Organizer of the New Economic School at Moscow
Associate Editor, The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics, since 2004
Vice Chairman & Chairman, Board of Trustees at the National Council of Eurasian and East European Research, 1997-1999
Consultant for the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development



Transition Economy, Privatization, Natural Resources, Russia.

Selected Publications:

1. " To Innovate or Not Innovate: Incentives for Innovations in Hierarchies ," with J. Dearden and L.Samuelson, American Economic Review, 1990, 80, 1105-1124.

2. "Russia's Virtual Economy," with C. Gaddy, Foreign Affairs, 1998, 77, 53-67.

3. " Reputation and the Soft-Budget Constraint ," with A. Deviatov, 2005, mimeo.

4. Russia's Virtual Economy, with C. Gaddy, Brookings Institution Press, 2002 .

5. " Economic Pathology and Comparative Economics: Why Economies Fail to Succeed ," Comparative Economic Studies, 2005, 47, 503-519.