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Conference Papers

Papers presented at the 2011 Conference


Larry Ausubel, University of Maryland
"Core-Selecting Auctions with Incomplete Information" (Coauthor Oleg V. Baranov, University of Maryland)

Francesco Decarolis, University of Wisconsin-Madison
"Detecting Bidders' Groups in Collusive Auctions: Evidence from Average Bid Auctions"
(Coauthor Timothy G. Conley, University of Western Ontario)

Liran Einav, Stanford University
"Selection on Moral Hazard in Health Insurance
" (Coauthors Amy Finkelstein, Stephen Ryan and Paul Schrimpf, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Mark Cullen, Stanford University)

Amit Gandhi, University of Wisconsin-Madison
"Identification and Testing in Ascending Auctions with Unobserved Heterogeneity" (Coauthors Andres Aradillas-Lopez and Daniel Quint, University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Gautam Gowrisankaran, University of Arizona
"Measuring Network Effects in a Dynamic Environment
(Coauthors Minsoo Park, Chung-Ang University and Marc Rysman, Boston University)

Isa Hafalir, Carnegie Mellon University
"Multi-unit Auctions with Budget Constraints"
 (Coauthors R. Ravi and Amin Sayedi, Carnegie Mellon University)

Katherine Ho, Columbia University
"Physician Responses to Financial Incentives: Evidence from Hospital Discharge Data"
 (Coauthor Ariel Pakes, Harvard University)

Sergei Izmalkov, New Economic School
"Informed Seller in a Hotelling Market"
 (coauthor Filippo Balestieri, HP Labs)

Paul Milgrom, Stanford University
"Substitute Goods and Combinatorial Auctions"

Denis Nekipelov, University of California, Berkeley
"A Structural Model of Sponsored Search Advertising
(Coauthor Susan Athey, Harvard University)

Larry Samuelson, Yale University
"Managing Strategic Buyers
(Coauthor Johannes Horner, Yale University)

Artyom Shneyerov, Concordia University
"What Model for Entry in First-Price Auctions? A Nonparametric Approach" (coauthor Vadim Marmer, University of British Columbia)

Gabor Virag, University of Rochester
"Auctions in Markets: Common Outside Options and the Continuation Value Effect" (Coauthor Stephan Lauermann, University of Michigan)