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Conference Papers

Papers being presented at the 2010 Conference

Igal Hendel, Northwestern University (coauthor: Aviv Nevo, Northwestern University) 
"A Simple Model of Demand Anticipation"

Laurent Lamy, Paris School of Economics 
"The Econometrics of Auctions with Asymmetric Anonymous Bidders "

R. Preston McAfee, Yahoo! Research (coauthors: Jiong Gong and Jianpei Li, University of International Business and Economics) 
"Split-award Auctions with Investment"

Moritz Meyer-ter-Vehn, University of California, Los Angeles (coauthor: Simon Board, University of California, Los Angeles) 
"Reputation for Quality"

Ariel Pakes, Harvard University (coauthor: Chaim Fershtman, Tel Aviv University) 
"Finite State Dynamic Games with Asymmetric Information: A Framework for Applied Work"

Minjung Park, University of Minnesota (coauthors: Patrick Bajari and Robert Town, University of Minnesota and Han Hong, Stanford University)
"Regression Discontinuity Designs with an Endogenous
Forcing Variable and an Application to Contracting in
Health Care"

Motty PerryHebrew University (coauthor: Alex Gershkov, Hebrew University) 
"Dynamic Contracts with Moral Hazard and Adverse Selection"

Matthew Shum, California Institute of Technology (coauthors: Federico Echenique and SangMok Lee, California Institute of Technology) 
"Aggregate Matchings"

Connan Snider, University of California, Los Angeles 
"Predatory Incentives and Predation Policy: The American Airlines Case"

Steven Tadelis, University of California, Berkeley (coauthor: Florian Zettelmeyer, Northwestern University) 
"The Effect of Information on Auction Outcomes:
A Large Scale Field Experiment"

Rakesh Vohra, Northwestern University (coauthor: Mallesh M. Pai, Northwestern University) 
"Optimal Auctions with budget constraints"

Halbert White, University of California, San Diego (coauthors: Liangiun Su, Singapore Management University and Stefan Hoderlein, Brown University) 
"Testing Monotonicity in Unobservables iwth Panel Data"

Robert Wilson, Stanford University (coauthor: Srihari Govindan, University of Iowa)
"Fixed-Point Methods for Auctions" (background paper 1 and background paper 2)